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We make integrating Alipay and WeChat Pay for U.S. merchants easy.
Join the growing list of global brands eager to tap into the rapidly growing Chinese market, without the costs and hassles of establishing a business in China.

The preferred payment options for one billion Chinese consumers
Accounting for over 90% of China’s third-party payment market share, covering 70% of Chinese population

$453 Billion

by Chinese tourists over next 5 years

Overseas travel spend

$186 Billion

in 2020, 2x more than other worldwide consumers

Chinese luxury spend


when Chinese tourists travel overseas

Prefer mobile payments 


on most recent overseas trips than previous trips

Spent more via mobile payments 

Growing your business starts with payment

Accept Alipay and WeChat Pay
Open the door to one billion Chinese consumers

No more language barrier. Welcome and respect Chinese customers by offering their preferred payment options.

A warm welcome

Expand your reach and attract more Chinese customers using Alipay and WeChat Pay’s social and marketing capabilities.

Increased traffic

Build social CRM and loyalty programs and run marketing campaigns to better engage your customers.

Better engagement

Improve the customer experience, so shoppers can simply scan and go. Payments are completed within three seconds.

Speed up checkout

No more currency exchange needed. Consumers pay in RMB and merchants can settle in local currencies.

Currency exchange

Enjoy up to 40% savings compared to 

international credit card rates. Saving is earning.

Lower rates

Accepting Alipay and WeChat Pay means higher approval rates and tightened security. No chargebacks and merchant liabilities.

Fraud protection

Choose the best payment integration options for your business. Easy integration with Citcon API,

or instant launch with Citcon terminals.

Easy integration

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